Thistle Class 5 Sentence Challenge Story

Today, we decided to try something a bit different and write a story as a class based on the 5 Sentence Challenge picture. We hope you enjoy reading it….


Early one morning, Jack got out of bed and put his smart uniform on. He went into his back garden and got his shiny red bike out of the dark brown shed. Jack pedalled quickly to the post office which was just down the road from his house. Mrs Browning gave Jack a ginormous sack full of letters and parcels. Jack put the sack on the front of his bike and went off to deliver the letters. He went to the village square and delivered lots of post. When he got to the village square he met the milkman. Suddenly, the church bells started to ring. Jack knew this meant it was lunchtime so he got off of his bike, stood it against the wall and went into the tea rooms for a sandwich and a cup of tea.

5 sentence challenge

There     is    a     man    with    no     top    on.

The     big   big      whiyl     hase      big    red     and     white     pols.

The    flags    are      culrful     and    hiy.

The     big     boat    is     red    and    white.

On the boat there are big poles and they are yellow.

by Stanley and Luke

Snow day!

In Thistle class this week we just HAD to talk about our snow day and what we all enjoyed getting up to whilst school was closed on Friday. The children all wrote some beautiful sentences about their first experiences of snow and then we all went into the Westwood Radio studio to record our thoughts to share with you all! Please leave us a comment and tell us what you did on your snow day…


We    haf    in    jot    gowng    to   bristl.

We     lic     dawnn         the    5     sents     chalinj.

We     lic      ridn    the    story    wot    efr   next.

we    lic       down     ber   on     bred.

we     lic    ridn   the   story     beegu.

biy    stanley   and    mayla


lrenin a buo sbas

we      hav     injie       patin.        we      hav      injied     macin      bear   on       tost.              we      went      to  wee  the   cyrore

we  lhav     been   jiein

abuo     space

by Sophie and Erin