5 sentence challenge

the hot air balloon is flying in the sky.

the roof is made of straw and  stickss.

the church   bells will            ring          soon.

the red car iiss aas red as a cherry.

a man is riding a bike on the road.

by toby and isabella

5 sentence challenge

theh hot     air     balloon    has a good view.

why is the car driving towards us?

the   red      poast     box         js           red      like a cherry.

the house is old.

thecat is walking on the road down the street.

by Lewis and Lily

pirdds itee

The   hot   ear   bloon    is   seeyi ng      how       prity   the    town      is.

A   posbox    is    shining   like   a   red    apl.

All   the   car     looks    shiny.

Thear     are         some    cars    are    so   prity.

Some   howis   are   made    out  of    stror.

by   Jacob  RoWan    hayden


Our visit to Langford Lakes

Earlier this week Thistle and Clover class were lucky enough to visit Langford Lakes as part of their topic on plants and insects. With an opportunity to pond dip and to even go on a minibeast orienteering course, everyone had the most fantastic day. My thanks to Mrs Williams for the photos which clearly show that everyone had a great time and were a credit to the school. Well done everyone!

5 sentence challenge

In  the     distins   thier    is  snouwy   miniN.

The   owl   is   fast   asleeP .

Their  is    a    man   in      a  red       top     is     doowing   archry.

A   big   hows   is   giving  shaid   to   the  people.

The   erplain   is   flying   by   the   snowy  mowntuns.

by  rowan  jacob