Super Daisy and the Peril of Planet Pea!

We have been having great fun in class today reading the brilliant story of Super Daisy and the Peril of Planet Pea by Kes Gray and Nick Sharratt. After retelling the story this morning, we spent the afternoon working in pairs to create a story map of the story before we retold the story verbally using our story maps and in our own words. We hope you enjoy listening to our stories as much as we enjoyed recording them. Here we all are about to present to the class and press play to listen to us in action!

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The             leavs           are      falling     of     the     tree becase       it       is      autumn.

the      tree     trunk    are     prity    grair    but    it  is    black.

the leaves are red and yellow.

The sky is blue.

The leaves are falling down from teh tree onto the wet path because it has been raining.

by    MAY    +      EVAN.



The    path    is   mudy    becas      it    has      been       raining.

The   leaves    are    on    the    grownd     becas    the     wind      bloo    them     of     the    trees.

The     red    leaves     are       prity      so     it     is      autumn.

The      sky    is     clear    but      the      trees   are     in    the      way.

The    boosh     is     yellow.

by    Alice    and     Bobby.


The   trees    are     prity.

It    is   cold      in       the      woods.

It   is     prity    in     the     woods.

The     leavse     are      red     and     oring.

The     trees    are      brown.


the          levse         are             culfole

the     trees         are       brown

the    levse       are            on         the       grownd

sume           levse           are         sdile            on            the      tres

it    is           cold

Our learning today

Today we have enjoyed working on Mathletics on the ipads. We were practising our adding to 10 and 5. We all thought it was easy! Our reception children played maths games with Mrs Procter.

This morning we also did some excellent counting on with numbers. We also did PE where we did a new song called head, shoulders, knees and toes. This afternoon Mr Rockey taught us and read us a story at the end of the day.