We    haf    in    jot    gowng    to   bristl.

We     lic     dawnn         the    5     sents     chalinj.

We     lic      ridn    the    story    wot    efr   next.

we    lic       down     ber   on     bred.

we     lic    ridn   the   story     beegu.

biy    stanley   and    mayla


lrenin a buo sbas

we      hav     injie       patin.        we      hav      injied     macin      bear   on       tost.              we      went      to  wee  the   cyrore

we  lhav     been   jiein

abuo     space

by Sophie and Erin



Thistle Class’s Learning This Week

This week Thistle Class have been reading the story of Beegu. Beegu is an alien and she has got three eyes. She crash lands on Earth and is lost. Some children help Beegu. We acted out the story and imagined we were Beegu. We wrote about Beegu and about how she was feeling.

We have been singing the Solar System Song. We also had some instruments and we pretended we went into space. We made up our own music.

Stanley says he liked writing about Beegu this week. Lewis has enjoyed making portholes. Hattie and Joshua have loved making bear on bread. Lawson has enjoyed learning about Beegu. Alice liked describing Beegu.

Thistle Class

Hot and Cold Countries

This week in Thistle class we have been learning about where countries are in the world. If they are near to the Equator then they are hotter and if they are further away then they are usually colder. Have a listen to our children describing their learning in their own words.

International Christmas Around the World

This week we went global at Westwood with Iford School with an international day focused completely on Christmas around the World. After the success of Clover class link up with Room 104 of Georgetown Elementary school on Wednesday, sharing Christmas traditions and wishes face to face, Thursday was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to learn about how other countries celebrate Christmas.

All of the children throughout the school were put into groups and spent a session together with each teacher learning about how Christmas is celebrated in Germany, Scandinavia, China and Iceland. What was so lovely was that our school family worked so wonderfully together, supporting each other and enjoying the opportunity to work with friends that were both older and younger. The teachers all planned a super day for everyone that was enormous fun and so informative. My huge thanks to the staff for another brilliantly planned day and to the children for their outstanding behaviour and sense of fun. We all agreed this is something we would do again soon!

Here are some photos I was able to take of the children working together on International Day: