Pond and Patch

Helping make a pond

by Rowan Millen

The gardening club wanted to make a pond for all the frogs, and all the living creatures. I helped dig the big hole, it has two levels, a deep part for fishes and a shallower part for frogs, newts and other smaller creatures that like mud and roots of plants for their home.

my friends and i maid a pond, it was enormous, we used old pieces of carpet. We had 20 pieces of carpet and we made sure all the sharp stones were covered so the pond liner would not pop! The pond liner was heavy. The parents helped put it in. It was ginormous.

The next day, I then turned the tap on to fill up. It took a whole school day to fill and then we started to make a habitat for the creatures.  It was lots of fun, making it for the school children to enjoy. It is not finished. I am looking forward to making it a real pond and beautiful.

Water World!

This week, Thistle Class have been thinking about their new topic…..Water World! We started off having a talk about what we already know about water. Where do we find it? What does it do? What do we do with it? What is it good for? Everybody had lots of ideas and we discovered that we already knew quite a lot.

One of the things that we knew was that water helps plants to grow. We wondered…..if plants didn’t have any water would they still grow? In order to find this out we were going to plant a seed. Some seeds would have water and some would not. We made predictions about what would happen. Most of us thought that the seed would not grow at all. Some of us thought that the seed might grow a little bit.

We planted some broad beans using clear cups so we could see what was happening to our seeds. We are going to watch what happens over the next few weeks to see if our predictions are right.

Here we are with our seeds:

IMG_4708  IMG_4707  IMG_4709  IMG_4710  IMG_4711IMG_4712


History Day

Today we have all been working together to learn about a famous person in History – Louis Braille. We spent the morning discussing his life story and working in pairs, with Thistle class and Clover class working beautifully together to produce a super book of his life story. In the afternoon everyone then got the chance to create some braille patterns of their own and to understand.

Here are the children hard at work and describing what they have learnt in their own words:

Light and Dark

This week the children in Thistle class have been excited about their new IPC topic, Light and Dark. Everyone had the chance to make dens (huge fun) and then test out how dark they were with torches. A fantastic way to begin another exciting learning journey and here are some photos of the children having fun:

The Magic Toymaker

As part of their exit point for their topic of The Magic Toymaker, Thistle and Clover class today worked together to make some fantastic hobby horses. Using a range of materials and a sock from home (!), the children stuffed, stuck, coloured and enjoyed being creative, ending up with some amazing results which they then shared with their parents, after playing with their hobby horses, of course! Here they are enjoying a group learning session together. This is what learning is all about…

Making Fruit Lollies

This week we have loved making frozen fruit lollies in class with real fruit. Today we wrote instructions for making them and we even got to try them. We then went into the radio studio to record what we thought they tasted like. It was great fun!

Little Rabbit Foo Foo

This week in Thistle Class we have been enjoying reading ‘Little Rabbit Foo Foo’ by the brilliant Michael Rosen and he was even kind enough to take time to reply to our tweet!

Not only have we loved listening to the story, but we have also had so much fun retelling the story, acting it out on our school field and here we are creating our own video of the story. We hope you enjoy it.