International Christmas Around the World

This week we went global at Westwood with Iford School with an international day focused completely on Christmas around the World. After the success of Clover class link up with Room 104 of Georgetown Elementary school on Wednesday, sharing Christmas traditions and wishes face to face, Thursday was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to learn about how other countries celebrate Christmas.

All of the children throughout the school were put into groups and spent a session together with each teacher learning about how Christmas is celebrated in Germany, Scandinavia, China and Iceland. What was so lovely was that our school family worked so wonderfully together, supporting each other and enjoying the opportunity to work with friends that were both older and younger. The teachers all planned a super day for everyone that was enormous fun and so informative. My huge thanks to the staff for another brilliantly planned day and to the children for their outstanding behaviour and sense of fun. We all agreed this is something we would do again soon!

Here are some photos I was able to take of the children working together on International Day:

The most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas is always such a magical time of the year in school and never more so than when our children from Thistle and Clover class perform their Christmas nativity play.  This year it was a Tale of Two Birthdays, a wonderfully traditional story of Christmas.

Having worked so hard for the past few weeks everyone gave their absolute best and put on a show that was just perfect. The hall was filled with the sound of beautiful singing as the children sang their hearts out, with fantastic performances from everyone and lines delivered superbly, ensuring that every one of us who attended a performance was able to enjoy a fabulous half hour of school production perfection.

I must thank Mrs Hannam, Miss Williams, Mrs Rosier and their teaching assistants for all working so incredibly hard to help the children to be performance ready. It takes a lot of planning and preparation and I am lucky to work with such a wonderful team – all lovely people who work together so brilliantly. Thank you also to our parent community who, once again, supported us and the children so strongly, providing a receptive and grateful audience. It was, as always, so good to have so many people there. Thank you.

Here are the photos I took from this week’s performances:

The harbour by May and Bobby

The  houses   look     old     and   rusty

The    boats    are     coming     into     the   harbour

The    river      is      blue

The    children    are   danceing

The    tall     house     is     white

by       May    +     Bobby

The harbour by Luke and Josh

There   is   a  big    weel   it  is  a  fun    thing.

the   saling    boat    is    owt      in   the    tid.

the   to   men   ar    seling    fish.

the    hows     is    red.

the    boats    ar   on   the    wortere

by Luke   and    Josh.

The harbour by Hattie and Evan

The    peppol       are      salin on     the    strem    .

The    pepple    are     selling       fish      bucuse     they   want    to   raise     munny.

The    peppel    are   selling   stuff  .

The   houseis    are    old.

The    peppel    are    painting     the   light    house.